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Payroll – Cloud & On Premise

With over 50 payroll experts, Vertical-Dot is one of the most experienced payroll consultancies in the EMEA region. Payroll is a crucial process which requires high quality and timely data inputs, combined with logical, accurate calculations and appropriate outputs.

SAP provides market-leading payroll solutions that offer a proven global payroll engine that is seamlessly tied with a leading next-generation core HR system, so you can be assured that your payroll will be safe, fast, and accurate.

SAP ERP™ HCM Payroll

Vertical Dot has an unrivalled expertise in deploying SAP Payroll, which has recently extended to Employee Central Payroll, SAP’s cloud version of its award winning payroll engine.

This payroll solution is a sophisticated, powerful product with full tax compliance and approval for each country that it serves.

It has comprehensive retroactive accounting functionality, in addition to sophisticated data validation functionality.

  • Full online reporting history
  • Complete automation of occupational absence schemes– including off-setting of statutory payments
  • Multiple employment scenarios are supported

Employee transfers across the organisation are supported without the need to end the old employee number and use a new employee number for payroll. The same employee number will be used.

Payroll Reporting

SAP provides a powerful suite of reporting tools including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Customer specific payroll exceptions reporting (for example of significant value changes from one payroll period to the next)
  • Payment/deduction analysis reporting
  • Automatic controlled updates via ‘XML’ from local tax authorities (e.g. tax codes, student loans etc.)
  • Seamless year-end reporting
  • Real Time Information (RTI)


The remuneration statement engine will be used to generate payslips from payroll results. These can be viewed online, printed, or both. Vertical Dot is able to help organisations to deploy and/or maximise their SAP ‘on premise’ investment. We can also, over time, assist organisations with a transition to cloud – either fully using the SAP SuccessFactors HCM solution or through tactical deployments of individual modules.

Employee Central Payroll

Employee Central Payroll provides organisations with the opportunity to manage their payroll using SAP’s award winning Payroll Engine, but with the flexibility of the cloud.

  • Consolidated platform supporting all payroll types: hourly, salaried, regular or simulation runs
  • Real-time financials integration
  • Standard delivered tax reporting capabilities

SAP Differentiators

Integrations: Real-time integrations with both HR and Finance – one source of data


Scalability: Ability to efficiently manage payroll processes for organisations of all sizes with variety of payment frequencies and Terms & Conditions


Compliance: Reduced manual intervention. Data Validation and Audit Trail

  1. Best Practice Separation of HR and Payroll Administration tasks – the Payroll tasks menu enables payroll to manage their workload effectively.
  2. One-Click monitoring – giving payroll early insight into data quality issues via Vertical-Dot developed country-specific validation rules.
  3. Three-Click payroll – ensuring that all country-specific payroll process requirements are met, including producing bank payment files, statutory/third-party reports and payslips accessed via employee enablement (self-service capability).
  4. Overall Visibility – KPI data is highly visible for Payroll and Finance users so they have quick, real time, insights without needing to wait for reports to be produced.

Our implementation methodology, Vertical-Dot Activate, takes a realistic and cost-effective approach to the implementation . Our methodology leverages industry best practices, with a common set of tools and processes, resulting in the most efficient utilisation of project resources to realise project objectives.







Vertical Dot and SAP Payroll solutions

We have used this expertise to create an Employee Central Payroll solution with pre-developed content based on best practices and powered by SAP’s award-winning Payroll Engine. With Vertical-Dot there is a faster return on investment alongside significant cost savings. Customers regain control of payroll processes quickly and easily, with a simple implementation cost, yearly subscription fee and ongoing support.