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Whilst many organisations are switching to cloud based technologies such as SAP SuccessFactors, some organisations are either unable to move to cloud or want to maximise their investment in their ‘on premise’ solutions before moving to cloud solutions.

SAP still provides a powerful suite of ‘on premise’ HR and Payroll solutions to meet customers needs, with an enhanced user experience (with HR Renewal, for example) to ensure that these organisations can continue to reap the benefits of this solution.

HR and Payroll rollouts brings significant benefits. Vertical-Dot has an experienced team of SAP trained and certified professionals, with an average of over 12 years SAP experience, who are able to quickly understand what needs to be done and deliver value early in the implementation.

Vertical-Dot has focused its SAP HCM practice around the following service lines:

  1. Human Capital Management and Payroll
  2. ‘Fast start’ HR & Self Services (accredited Rapid Deployment Solution)
  3. Business execution (aligning business goals to people goals and executing these through ‘best of breed’ Talent Management solutions)
  4. Mobile Applications
  5. A full range of SAP HCM products

Time Management

Time Management enables organisations to effectively and efficiently plan, record and maintain all aspects of their time data – from the input of timesheets (where appropriate) to the management of holidays, maternity/paternity/adoption leave and sickness absence.

It offers support in performing all human resources processes involving the planning, recording, and valuation of internal and external employees’ work performed and absence times. It also provides other SAP applications with planning data and delivers information to business processes such as:
  • Determining personnel costs
  • Creating invoices
  • Confirmations
  • Service entry of external employees
SAP Time Management has user-oriented interfaces that support centralised and decentralised entry and administration of time and labour data. Data can be processed centrally by administrators in the human resources department or in individual departments by dedicated time administrators, including employees themselves.

SAP Time Management enables organisations to record time and labour data online or by using self-service applications. These self-service applications range from the classic time recording subsystem, web applications and mobile business applications. Employees can use these applications to request leave, record working times for orders or projects, for example, and display their key time accounts.

Time Management permits organisations to represent all company agreements, collective agreement stipulations, and legal requirements the world over.

Vertical-Dot has implemented Time Management to some of the world’s largest organisations and we pride ourselves in our ability to support all types of deployment – from the simple and most straight forward, to the most complex requiring interfaces to external 3rd party solutions and sophisticated shift planning and integrations to SAP Payroll.


Where organisations are not able to move directly to a cloud solution for their HR and/or payroll data, it is still possible (and even likely) that they will want to utilise the latest cloud-based technologies to attract, engage and retain employees. As such, a popular option is to use SAP ERP HCM (HR & Payroll) ‘on premise’ and integrate them with the SAP SuccessFactors cloud talent suite

Vertical-Dot has the knowledge and expertise in both SAP HCM and SuccessFactors to deploy such a ‘hybrid’ environment quickly and efficiently.

Based on this experience we have found that this method provides the following benefits: All ‘sensitive’ employee and organisational data is held behind the organisation’s own firewalls – the organisation is responsible for data security and maintenance.

Cloud talent solutions can be deployed and be used for:

  • Ease of implementation and maintenance
  • Ease of upgrading
  • Agile set-up
  • Improved employee engagement, satisfaction and retention
  • To improve overall ‘employer branding’